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 4th Annual "Nail Tech Networking Event of the Smokies"

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Jill in Ky

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Location : Bowling Green, KY

PostSubject: 4th Annual "Nail Tech Networking Event of the Smokies"   Sat Jan 01, 2011 6:50 pm

4th Annual "Nail Tech Networking Event of the Smokies" 2011
You are cordially invited to attend the 4th Annual " Nail Tech Networking Event of the Smokies", where nail techs are the stars! Combining the best of both worlds by mixing the aspects of a big show with the intimacy of private classes, with the focus being on nails. That means no hair products, no tacky baubles, no corsets.....only nails & nail products demo'd by TOP educators!


*Goodie bags are limited to the first 100 techs to register!
*No lunch provided- snacks & water only. Vending machines & restaurant on site.
* Door prize drawings to be held every hour, on the hour!


Approximate number of guests: unlimited!
Event Date: Sunday, June 26th, 2011
Private classes: Monday, June 27th, 2011
Location: Gatlinburg, TN
Hours: 9am-5pm
Facility: River Terrace Resort (800) 251-2040
Agenda: demos & product sales (bring CASH), update nail skills & education; make future business contacts & friends!

FACEBOOK: for updates visit https://www.facebook.com/pages/Nail-Tech-Networking-Event-of-the-Smokies/104319176265824 *If you like what you see, please refer us to all your tech friends & help spread the word about nail tech education!
DRESS CODE: business casual - this is a professional event so dress the part! Good rule of thumb to remember...if you'd wear it to a nightclub, then do NOT wear it to the Event!

January-March = $45
April- June 12th = $55
Pay-at-the-Door = $65 -Must show professional license or beauty school ID!

TO REGISTER: (Beginning Jan. 1st, 2011) send a check or money order (made out to Jill Wright) to the salon address below. Upon receiving your payment, a receipt will be sent to you via e-mail to store with your tax records. Your name will then be added to the guest list for the Event! Sorry no credit cards or Paypal accepted.

NO REFUNDS, nor will goodie bags be mailed out. Open to licensed beauty professionals, salon owners, beauty school students, & cosmetology teachers only. No children, family members, friends, or unlicensed people will be admitted!

PRIVATE CLASSES: These optional nail & business classes will enable guests to expand on their education by turning the 1 day Event into a 2 day educational extravaganza! Classes are limited in size and the cost is determined by the individual nail company, so please contact each educator to register. ***PRIVATE CLASSES COST EXTRA AND ARE NOT INCLUDED IN THE PRICE OF THE EVENT.***


GUEST SPEAKER: Janet McCormick- Medical pedicures

*Private class on Monday, June 27th- contact Janet for details!


1) G. Elizondo (Young Nails)- A favorite since the 1st Event, G. is always in demand and she's back for the 4th time! In addition to her signature nail art, G. will be showcasing Young Nails Lomasi pedicure line, which will make a lasting impression on your clientele.

*Private class on Monday, June 27th- contact Ray at Young Nails for details!
Young Nails- (714) 992-1400 ext. 200

2) Amy Becker (Masterworks Innovations)- as a top award winning gel competitor and "Nail Tech of the Year 2003-2004", Amy has developed her own gel company & will be with us again to share her original gel techniques to help you save time. Let Amy teach you "the ease of gels" so you can create exquisite gel nails, plus learn how to master Amy's stunning imbedded artwork called " Time Piece"!

*Private class on Monday, June 27th- contact Amy for details!

3) Jaime Schrabeck, Ph.D. (Precision Nails)- successful salon owner & educator will be featuring some of her favorite nail products that will help make your job easier. Also see how to operate an autoclave before you purchase one, learn how to save money by buying in bulk for the most economical prices, plus talk business with Jaime. Not making much money? Struggling to build your clientel? Charging too little for your services? Whatever your business dilemma, Jaime can help!

*Two Private classes on Monday, June 27th- contact Jaime for details!
831.917.5769 cell
831.620.0454 salon

4) Brenda Anderson (TuffEnuffNails)- Brenda has recently acquired Tuff Enuff Nails from founder Diane MacQuoid who still remains active in the company. During her 16 years in the nail business, Brenda spent 6 yrs as an educator & account manager with OPI . In 2006 she joined Vicki Peters as her lead educator doing e-file training & competing for Team Vicki. In 2009 Brenda joined Tuff Enuff Nails as their technical director & in October 2010 the transfer of TEN took place. Brenda continues to be a working nail tech with the plans of bringing an acrylic line to Tuff Enuff Nails in 2011.

*Private class on Monday, June 27th- contact Brenda for details!

5) Leaha Franks (Backscratchers)- Leaha has been an educator for Backscratchers for 9 years, owner of Hairitage salon since 2004, and a respected member of the nail community for 19 years. Learn the latest application techniques on easy-to-use systems like the Glass Glaze Fiberglass/Silk Wrap & the Extreme Acrylic Powder Dip System. These nail systems offers your clients natural looking nails without offensive odors or the use of harsh primers, plus they're very gentle to the natural nail & are perfect for any spa or salon!

*Private class- details soon!

6)Tina Ciesla (Eye Kandy)- Tina has been a professional Nail Artist for over 22 years & is the owner of Blooming Nails Salon in AL. Tina will use her artistic talents to demo Eye Kandy products in conjunction with Entity Beauty by creating gorgeous acrylic fades on the fingers & toes. Also, Eye Kandy is safe to use as eyeliner, while Entity Beauty has a full line of acrylic, gel, polish, plus pedi & mani systems!

(205) 907-9381

7) Nadine Harvey (OPI)- Nadine's 18 years in the industry allows her the experience to speak on a vast number of topics. Nadine has been with OPI for five years and is has traveled all over the USA, Canada and the Caribbean sharing her expertise. Her work has been featured in Nails and Nail Pro magazines, and she will wow you with the new Axxium Soak Off Gel Lacquer, plus demonstrate problem solving techniques for greater results using OPIís Axxium Gel system & Absolute Acrylic.


8) Renae Sewall (Tammy Taylor)- As a member of the Tammy Taylor team, Renae brings with her 7 yrs. of experience to showcase Tammy Taylor's signature pink & white sculpted acrylic nails. Learn proper form placement & product to liquid ratio, so you can sculpt perfect pink & white's, too!


9) Rachel Mouritsen (INM)- Rachel has been educating worldwide for INM for the past seven years. Along with being a guest artist, Rachel has been judging competitions in the U.S.A & internationally, in addition to winning many awards herself, including the 2007 Nailpro Cup Champion. Rachel will offer you her Master Artist Expertise along with a personal educating style that is sure to enhance your learning experience.


10) Jayne Berger (Light Elegance)- An outstanding educator who creates unbridled enthusiasm in a class, "Miss Jayne" is capable of teaching anything & can answer nearly any question. Jayne has been a Light Elegance educator for 5 years, a beauty school instructor for 7 years, plus she owns her own salon in Illinois. Along with 70 different UV-cured gel polishes that can be applied over gels, acrylics, wraps, natural nails, or pedicures, LE has a product that's right for you!

*Two Private classes on Monday, June 27th- contact Jim McConnell at LE for details!
(800) 275-5596
(541) 285-1283 cell

11) Arpi Sekeryan (Nail Tek) - Arpi entered into the nail industry in the year 2000. She's been an International Master Educator for Nail Tek for 7 years. Arpi has experience in customer service & as a successful salon owner that brings a wealth of knowledge to her classes. Her energetic personality will leave you motivated to build your natural nail business through service & retail.

*Private class on Monday, June 27th- contact Anna at Nail Tek for details!

12) Tracy Giles (Entity Beauty)- Tracy is a 3rd generation nail tech, starting her junior year in high school. Tracy has a passion for her work & enjoys the opportunity to educate others on all the Entity products, especially the new "Entity One Color Couture", which combines the long-lasting, high-gloss durability of gel with the ease & versatility of enamel. No smudging, no chipping, & no dry time. Products available for purchase will be the Rainforest Body Couture, Nanovive Skin Revival System, Entity Acrylic Couture, Entity One Gel & NEW Entity One Color Couture.


13) Mare Horak (Nailite)- As Director of Education & a 14 year industry veteran, Mare will be demoing the many products Nailite has to offer, including 72 different gel polishes, as well as acrylics, gels, abrasives, tips, etc. Being a former salon owner, Mare has also been an educator for over 8 years & is delighted to represent Nailite, a company that was founded by nail techs for nail techs!


14) Debbie Doerrlamm (BeautyTech.com) - Also known as the Nail Goddess of the Net, Debbie is the webmaster of BeautyTech.com, which is home to the most vibrant professional nail technician forum on the Internet, as well as offering other resources such as articles & shopping. Debbie is a trained competition judge, author, speaker & computer guru as well as being a nail tech since 1994. Debbie will be demonstrating different nail art techniques utilizing many of the unique nail art offerings for sale online & at the Event, including Clay Canes, Design Papers & much more.


15) Tammy Warner (HRTE/Akzentz)- Let Tammy help you master Akzentz gel application, plus discover many artistic ways to seperate yourself from the competition. Tammy generously shares her knowledge through individual training, larger group classes, competition judging & social networking. Tammy may be most recognized for realizing the potential of "product-neutral nail education" and networking by founding "The High Road to Education" (aka HRTE), an ongoing series of two-day workshops featuring the industryís best educators.

*Private class on Monday, June 27th- contact Tammy for details!

16) Carla Collier (Nailpro competiton judge & freelance educator)- With 26 years of experience, Carla is an international competition judge; head judge for Nailpro Competitions; cover artist; & she's regularly featured in the nail industry's top trade publications. As a retired competition champion & former products educator, many industry leaders have sought her advice in product development, competition & educational materials. In order to stay on the cutting edge of the nail industry, let Carla show you the techniques used by champions across the world so you can advance your nail skills, too!

*Private class on Monday, June 27th- contact Carla for details!

17) Laura Campos (Atwood Industries)- Laura has been a licensed nail tech since 1990 & an award winning nail competitor 1993-1995, in addition to being a nail instructor in a local beauty school in 1997. She received her Master Certification in Electric File in 2005 & has been instructing techs in the safe use of e-files since 2006. Laura joined Atwood Industries in 2009 as one of their lead e-file educators & she looks forward to helping you learn e-files, too!

*Private class on Monday, June 27th- contact Laura Campos

18) Kerry Webber & Blake Flavin (Forever-French)- As the owner of Forever French, 2 Boston salons, & being a 23 yr. nail veteran herself, Kerry trains her 10 nail techs with the "Forever French" signature look. Blake is a very busy nail tech of 6 yrs. who has mastered the Forever French acrylics, which are more coarse in texture & require less liquid; therefor it creates a stronger nail. Forever French 1-step gel is equally strong, too. Kerry & Blake can help you master the "Forever French" look, plus show you how to use common craft store supplies for economical "bling" nails!


19) Kim Jones- CND- Kim has been an educator with Creative Nail Design since 2004, where she brings her passion for nails to educate nail techs in all aspects of hand & foot beauty, plus help raise the standards of professionalism throughout the industry. Let Kim demo a "Shellac Attack" featuring the launch of 12 new colors! This UV3 technology goes on like polish, dries instantly, wears like gel, & soaks off in minutes!


20) Athena Elliott- MINX- This 31 year industry veteran has been named "Nail Tech of the Year" by Nails Magazine, is an author, Fem-tor, MINX Master Educator, & creator of "Nail Talk Radio- THE Industry Fix". Athena helped develop the Medical Nail Tech (MNT) program through Medinails & became the first MNT in America, plus she was the first to offer Minx in Houston, TX. Made popular by celebrities, MINX is a flexible film nail covering that is applied using heat, is odorless, plus is available in a wide variety of metallics, graphics, & customized designs.

*Private class- details soon!

21) Haken Professional Products- Scott Haken, founder of Haken Professional Spa Care, has been working in the industry for over 13 years & his exclusive spa line keeps evolving using natural organic products with essential oils. Scott loves to connect with nail techs on a personal level & works to understand their business needs. Some Haken products to be featured are: Coconut Papaya & Pomegranate Twist, Eucalyptus & Peppermint, Chocolate Mint, & Fragrance Free spa mani/pedi/body treatments, sugar cane scrub, yogurt masks, body butter, lotion, & oil.


22) ?
23) ?
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27) ?
28) ?

Thank you so much for your interest in "the Event" and we hope to meet you there!
Sincerely, Jill Wright
Jill's- A Place for Nails
c/o Jill Wright
720 Chestnut St.
Bowling Green, KY 42101
(270) 799-3637

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4th Annual "Nail Tech Networking Event of the Smokies"
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