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 Do you know the HRTE?

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PostSubject: Do you know the HRTE?   Sun Aug 22, 2010 3:45 pm

The High Road To Education--do you know of it? Have you checked their site to see if they are having a class near you? http://www.thehrte.com/index.htm
If not, you really need to check them out! I just got back from HRTE Omaha (drove more than 700 miles to get there) and it was AWESOME!

Non product specific education with some of the best nail artists around! Had a ball! Got to meet and shake the hands of a lot of the educators that I ask advice of on the boards and from distributors. Got some really insightful tips and tricks to improve my product application, form application and some of the newer shapes. Tammy Warner, Jaime Schraebeck, Sandy Combs & Holly Schippers were the educators at this particular one, but they have a large pool of people to pull from--including the likes of Rhonda McCarthy, J. Pham & Gina Silvestro.

This is my attempt at an "Edge" nail on one of my classmates! Sandy & Tammy were a big help with getting the form on correctly and getting the shape down.

It only takes 30 techs and some interest and initiation to get one of these classes near you! Food for thought for those of you seeking to advance your L&P or gel application or just increase your general knowledge!
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Do you know the HRTE?
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