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 Cuticle Overgrowth/Pterygium

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PostSubject: Cuticle Overgrowth/Pterygium   Fri Dec 04, 2009 6:18 pm


Hi all,

Just a quick question about cuticles. I hear time and time again that I need to have my nails "done" because of course it's the best way to strut your stuff...but I have cuticle issues...on several of my nails in the corner, the cuticle has grown out a little onto the nail plate...I heard it called pterygium in class, but it sure makes it hard to polish my own nails because well, the polish doesn't look right at the top near the eponychium..it looks very ragged where the overgrown cuticle parts are.

I've pushed the cuticle back there on my own nails on my own, and although it improves the "curved" shape at the base, the cuticle always grows back in pretty much the same area in almost the same shape.

So, does anyone have any suggestions as to how I should polish my nails on nails with excessive/longer than usual cuticle growth? How do you take care of your clients that have such a thing?

Should I just get a gel overlay maybe, to make my nails look "polished"?


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Cuticle Overgrowth/Pterygium
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